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What  kind of leaves do we remove?

​Our professional leaf removal program is designed to remove fallen leaves from your property as safely and efficiently as possible.

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  1. the phone by 6pm the day prior to requested service day.
  2. You will receive a call with a 2-4 hour time window of service the night prior to pickup. Typically at any time during the day until 9 pm.
  3. Our fully insured and uniformed removal team arrives within the pre-determined time window to remove the mattress or furniture. We do all the heavy lifting and maneuvering.
  4. Your mattress is then taken to the local recycling facility, if it’s furniture, it goes to our recycling warehouse.
  5. You will then receive a call with a survey to rate the experience for quality assurance.
  6. You enjoy the rest of your day!

Omaha leaf removal services includes:

Omaha leaf removal  Service Includes:

Omaha leaf removal services includes:


What kind of leaves do we remove?

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We specialize in junk removal.

Raking, Blowing or Taping Leaves from the Lawn
Leaf Removal from Landscaped Areas
Leaf Disposal

Sofa & Furniture Removal
We'll remove your old sofa. Cheap and fast service.
We'll remove and dispose your old and unwanted
 furniture. paragraph here.

 Disposal Service Checklist

(1) Furniture and Mattresses to be removed must be accessible for team members without the rearranging of other items within the home or commercial building. (2) Mattresses with known bed bug infestation cannot be recycled but can be picked up and disposed of. (3) Team members cannot accept items that are not pre paid for, if you wish to add an additional item to the order, you must call it in while the driver is onsite. (4) Pickups occur 7 days a week except on major holidays.

What kind of leaves do we remove?


​Our company offers a simple and effective FURNITURE  REMOVALservice - perfect for your home (house/building) and work place (office/building).From single objects to whole house clearences, we remove almost anything: old furniture, household bric-a-brac, broken (or working) electrical appliances, garden waste, office equipment, filing cabinets and much, much more.



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What kind of leaves do we remove ?

It’s important to remove the leaves from your lawn before they choke out the grass and block necessary sunlight from reaching the lawn. While smaller amounts of leaf mulch may be beneficial and add important nutrients to your lawn, excessive amounts of leaves are harmful to your lawn.

All leaves are blown out and cleared from any landscaped areas. The leaves are then either piled and tarped to the curb or mulched and bagged to the curb. The difference in methods is depended upon the size of the yard, state of the leaves, and whether or not the area being cleaned is located in a difficult spot. Regardless of method, once the majority of the leaves are removed a mower will make final passes to remove as many remaining leaves and leaf mulch as is absolutely possible. The leaves are then brought to the curb, vacuumed into a truck and hauled away and disposed into compost.

No amount of leaves are a problem for us, call today to get started on removing your leaves and maintaining the health of your lawn

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Omaha Leaf removal

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Relax, we do all the loading, lifting, bagging and cleaning.

You just have to point out the junk and then watch us do the work. When we are done, we even sweep up! We ensure your satisfaction before leaving your premises. See how it works, or view some of our Junk Removal Stories .

what kind of leaves do we remove?

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We are a Omaha  and operated company that specializes in the removal of junk, rubbish, and trash from homes, apartments, warehouses, businesses, and government properties. 

We remove old furniture, construction waste, yard waste, old appliances, rubbish, and just about any other thing you might have that is not hazardous. We will remove as little as one item to multiple truck loads of items. In addition to junk removal and hauling, we also do light demolition. We can remove such things as decks, fences, hot tubs, and small sheds.