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  • Homeowners and business owners have snow removal responsibilities that help keep our City safe. By practicing a few common courtesies, traveling around Omaha can be better for everyone.

Clear sidewalks promptly; especially if your walk is next to a busy road. If pedestrians are forced to walk in the street, accidents can occur. Unfortunately, City Street crews will repeatedly plow and re-cover sidewalks.

Sidewalks should be cleared away from the street rather than pushing the snow back towards the street.
Clear snow around fire hydrants. Do not bury hydrants with snow from walks or drives.
Do not plow, shovel or blow snow back into the street. This often creates a dangerous refreeze condition.

Salt on the street melts the snow which then refreezes as temperatures drop.
Keep your mailbox clear. City crews have to remain a couple feet away from mailboxes while plowing to avoid damaging them. Often this leaves a windrow in front of the mailbox that prevents the mail carrier from reaching it. The U S Post Office requires that the street in front of mailboxes be cleared or they may not deliver mail.
Be a good neighbor. The good deed will be returned. Whether it is running the snow blower a few extra feet down your neighbor's walk or making sure you do not blow snow on your neighbor's already-cleared driveway, these considerations will be remembered.
If your home has stairs or steep walks, consider using ice melt. It will prevent snow from thawing and refreezing creating a very treacherous condition.