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There is no one 'key' to achieving happiness. Like everything else in life, achieving happiness requires a multitude of ingredients. One of the most important ingredients is inner peace, which allows for contentment. Another is love — both having people who love you and, more importantly, having people that you love.

However, what most people overlook entirely is what plays a critical role. It's fine to have all the ingredients necessary for happiness, but it is the oven you bake those ingredients in that matters just as much. Your surroundings — your environment — impact you more than you may realize.

The environment you allow yourself to be exposed to tends to influence you so subtly that its effects on you may seem as if to arise from some unknown, invisible source. The source is not invisible; on the contrary, it is very conspicuous — it is everything that you see, hear, smell, taste and feel around you.

Our surroundings affect us on a profound level. Especially your home! The negative effects that the seemingly unimportant may have on our psyche, our outlook on life and our mood is rather surprising. Take for example your place of residency: is it simply a place where you store your stuff and sleep — if only occasionally? Or is it a place you call home? Believe us  a clean home can make a difference in your life. Call uno home cleaning service for a tidy clean house today!

The difference may seem to be nothing more than a difference in semantics, but the way that we experience the places that we spend the most time frequenting do influence us. Many a time it is difficult to pinpoint the effects or even the causes.

I can't say that I am very knowledgeable on the topic of Fung Shui, but there seems to me to be some wisdom in the practice. Whether or not the direction and placement of furniture actually has an impact on our mood and wellbeing I cannot say for sure — albeit I have to admit that the topic has tickled my interest for some time now and I may very well have to give into my curious inclinations and read up on it.

I do know for a fact that other, subtler factors in our environment do have an impact on the way that we feel. The colors of our walls, the colors and patterns of our furniture, the smell in the air, the lack of or the buildup of dust, all affects us; the issue is that this impact usually is not felt for an extended period of time post-exposure.

Even then, we often will find ourselves unhappy and not understanding why — tending to point our fingers at everything but the surroundings we have placed ourselves in. Effects will most certainly vary from individual to individual.

It is likely that some of us have a higher tolerance to dirt and germs than others. I have even heard stories of people that function better when their living rooms are in complete disarray. I am not one of those people and I have a feeling that most people aren't.

Our minds can become very cluttered themselves, having thoughts and memories almost haunt us. If our environment mirrors this chaos, our senses picking up on the outer chaos will likely only magnify our inner chaos. The way I see it is like this: while our minds usually act as escapes from the craziness that is our lives and those things and people that we surround ourselves with, the very same can be said about our environments.

When our minds are overwhelmed by what life throws our way, we can find ourselves in desperate need of calming — our environment can be a haven away from our own inner workings. If we cannot find peace from within us, our only option is to look outside of us for answers, for direction and for peace. Imagine yourself coming home from a very bad day. A clean tidy home will help you cope with stress and let you relax. 

Things just didn't go right; you were late for work, your boss gave you shit for a bunch of projects that you were slacking on, your friends weren't available to console you and your boyfriend or girlfriend has been distant. Now you are finally able to go home — go to your safe haven. What will give you more peace? A clean, neat, refreshing-smelling apartment or a shithole that looks a lot worse than your college dorm ever did?

Our homes play a larger role than simply being a place where we can escape all the negativity the world is throwing our way. In fact, it can work in one of two ways: your home can function as a place that allows you to keep your cool and alleviate your stress, or it can work as a catalyst for it.

This goes for more than just your home — it goes for everything and anything that you surround yourself with. The city you live in. The country you live in. Your friends and your family. Everything and everyone that we come into contact with affects us in one way or another — regardless of whether or not we are conscious of the effect.

People especially seem to impact us greatly — they are more interactive than the inactive sensations we experience from the objects surrounding us.

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Post-Construction Clean-Up 101

Get Ready to Dust Like You’ve Never Dusted Before.

When we talk about dusting after construction, know that the chore will be far more strenuous and tiring than dusting your dining room table. The construction process spews forth more dust than you can imagine. Try to vacuum and sweep up the dust throughout the process, so that you don’t have to tackle a taxing load at the end. Then, when the construction is finished, clean the room from the ceiling to the floor using a vacuum and a damp towel. Repeat the process as necessary and replace your AC filter. Also, consider renting a heavy-duty vacuum with an HEPA filter for best results.

Take Care As You Remove Adhesive. 

Construction-grade adhesive was made to last, so if you don’t carefully remove it, you could damage the surface on which it sits. Consider loosening it with a commercial adhesive remover, acetone, or paint stripper. Use a light amount so that you don’t soak and damage the wall, and then scrub away the adhesive with a soft sponge or cloth. You might also try scraping off the adhesive with a straight edge or a razor blade. Finally, if the surface is tough (stone, rock, brick), try blasting it away with a high-power water pressure hose or a sand blaster.

Plan for a Massive Pile of Trash. 

After a renovation, you will be left with large amounts of trash in the form of drywall, dust, packaging, debris, excess materials, and more. Sometimes you can bag this trash up and drag it to the curb as usual. Other times, you will need to hire a company that specializes in construction waste management to drive away all of the garbage.

Your contractor may offer construction clean-up services, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning and de-cluttering the space after they leave. If your contractor doesn’t offer this service, however, or if you completed a DIY renovation, consider contacting a professional 
cleaning company to handle the job. Not only will you save yourself time and labor, but you won’t have to worry about renting special equipment or learning new tricks to manage troublesome cleaning tasks.

You clean your dishes, but what about the dishwasher itself? If you can’t remember the last time Ol’ Swirly got so fresh and so clean, give this cleaning hack a whirl: Empty out the machine, place a bowl of vinegar on the top rack, and wash on the highest temperature setting. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom and wash again. This should help eliminate odors while getting your washer as clean as your china.

Remember, if you want a truly deep clean without all the elbow grease, count on The Maids and our spring cleaning services! With over 30 years in the business, we know a thing or two about giving dust bunnies the boot. Enjoy a clean home this spring and the rest of the year.

Advice from the Omaha experts!

Before You List Your House

After a winter with the heater going full blast, your vents might need a little TLC before cranking on the A/C. How are you supposed to get into those thin slits, though? A useful spring cleaning hack is wrapping a butter knife in a damp cloth or paper towel (add a drop of cleaning solution) and swiping left and right in each slot to cut down on the dust. And if the baseboards under the vent need a quick clean too, use a microfiber cloth to do a quick wipe down of any grime.

Closet Cleaning Tip

Vent Cleaning Tip

Dishwasher Cleaning Tip

Post-Construction Clean-Up Tips

Dandelions and dust pans—spring cleaning is in the air! Now that the windows are open, birds are chirping, and family members are dropping by for visits, you’ll want your house in sparkling condition. Instead of working all day and night to get things in order, here are some helpful spring cleaning tips to make your dwelling shine.

Most buyers are spoiled by the attractive images they see. The days of putting a sign in the yard without pre-listing preparation are gone. Putting in the extra effort will increase your home’s value.

After de-cluttering, de-personalizing, painting, and installing stone countertops, obsessively cleaning is the most important step sellers can take to appeal to buyers. Think about it. Would you go on a first date not looking your absolute best? Selling your house is like a first date. Making the extra effort lets buyers know you are motivated to sell. An added benefit is that sellers see a sparkling home as one that is obsessively maintained by the seller.

Ruthlessly cleaning your house is critical because it helps you eliminate clutter as you go. The process also emotionally detaches you from your house so that you actually begin to embrace the concept of packaging it as a product!

Your pre-listing action plan for cleaning:

  • Clean windows, inside and out, clean sills and around the frame.
  • Wash all window treatments, shutters and shades.
  • Clean all door frames, walls, molding and baseboards, putting extra effort around switch plates and door hardware.
  • Clean all art and picture frames and mirrors.
  • Polish all furniture.
  • Clean dusty vents and ceiling fan blades.
  • Remove contents of all bookshelves, clean and re-style for a simple and “almost-empty” look.
  • Remove all cushions and pillows from upholstery, vacuum and have professionally cleaned if it’s been a while, or if they don’t smell wonderful.
  • Vacuum and professionally clean carpets and rugs
  • Get in all cracks, corners and crevices, remove cob webs
  • Clean all light fixtures and lamps. Replace grungy and dated shades.
  • Bathrooms must be immaculate! If your house were a hotel and you were the guest, would you want to take a shower there? Make grout look like new and check the shower rod and curtain to ensure they don’t need replacing; wash or replace bath mat and towels. White is the best. Remove personal items from sight.
  • Clean inside, outside and all around the toilet, replacing the seat if necessary. They are cheap at Home Depot!
  • Remove contents of all closets, clean, re-fold and organize.
  • Remove as many appliances from your kitchen countertop as possible.
  • Clean behind refrigerator and vacuum the coils.
  • Clean exterior and interior of all kitchen appliances, including under vent hood.
  • Wash exterior and interior of kitchen cabinets and pantries.
  • Wash the inside and outside of the trash can.
  • De-clutter and thoroughly clean desks and computers. Contain paper in decorative boxes from Target, IKEA or Container Store.
  • Clean basement in same manner.
  • Clear out and clean garage, returning items on racks or shelving.
  • Aim for fresh scents with your cleaning products. Never mask with grocery-store fragrance.

Does this sound familiar? You haven’t worn that bridesmaid dress in over a decade but it’s still taking up real estate in your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year or more, it’s time to donate. It’s hard, we know! But think of all that space for new spring dresses and shirts. And if you have a few pieces that fall into the “maybe” category, do the hanger test. Rotate all of your hangers to face backward. After you’ve worn the item, turn the hanger outward. By the end of the warm season, you’ll see which pieces of clothing were never worn and are therefore ready to toss into the donation pile.

How To Make Yourself Happier; The Effect Our Environment Has On Us

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