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Pre - sale and appraisal home house property cleaning is about cleaning your Omaha property, ready for presentation or for sale or to present the property for a bond, mortgage appraisals.

The proposed buyers/s entering your house/property will have no more than 5 seconds to make up their mind on what way they view it.

If the property is highly presentable and
clean it makes it easier to get the results you desire.

Many property owners can get a far better return on their property if it was clean and presentable.

 Lenders and prospective buyers can make a decision purely on the way they view your property /home up for sale.

In a recent case, we were able to get property up to a standard that persuaded the bank to lend enough money for the owner to get a loan on another property. Having not done the clean, the
appraiser, added that, he would have not got the loan.

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How to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

The general appearance of your home will affect the appraiser’s evaluation of your home. Before an appraisal, spruce up your home, inside and out, so your house looks clean, neat, well-kept and appealing to others. Hiring a
Professional Omaha Cleaning Company for pre appraisal cleaning will make the process easy!


Should I Hire a Cleaning Company to Clean My House Before An Appraisal?

The answer is YES! You’re looking to sell your home or change your financing plan and you need to order an appraisal, but the thought of a stranger coming into your home to judge its value may be a bit overwhelming. You want to make a great first impression and receive the highest appraisal possible. Many homeowners question if they should hire a professional cleaning company to clean their house before an appraisal.

First and foremost, your home should be clean, tidy, and organized. Most of the necessary cleaning can be done on your own time prior to the appraisal. However, it’s important to assess your opportunity costs before you grab the broom. If your time could be better served doing something else of value, you might benefit from hiring a cleaning team to do a quick run through in half the time it may take you, especially if you have a lot of rooms and more space to clean.

Though appraisers are not directly looking at the items you own, your furniture, or the décor you have chosen, there are many reasons why a sparkling and clutter free home has its advantages for an appraisal.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Cleaning Company for Pre-sale appraisal cleaning?

Professional house cleaners typically set house cleaning prices one of two ways: By hour, or by square foot. On average, hourly costs range from $25 to $45. Square foot rates are often used for a "first clean," as a baseline for pros to work from. First cleans are also more expensive, as cleaners need to determine how long they'll spend in a home, and if there are any rooms which require extra work — for example a family bathroom or large play area.
Uno cleaning of Omaha charges only $30 per room for residential cleaning services.

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